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Disengage and Re-engage a Electric Garage Door Motor

Posted by Overhead Door Company of Waterbury on Fri, Oct 26, 2012 @ 03:37 PM

Do you know how to open your garage door with no electricity?

door opener standard drive chain

Disengaging the garage door from the motor is easier than you think!

Basic instructions on how to disengage your motor from the garage door and then how to Re-engage. 

1. Look for a rope hanging down from your motor that has a handle on it (maybe Red). Pull the handle down and this will disengage the door carriage from the track and allow you to open the door manually.

Grasp the handle on the inside of the door and slowly pull it up. If there is a manual lock, you will need to disengage it before you open the door.

2. Re-engaging the garage door to the electric garage door unit. Make sure the carriage unit is nearest to the garage door. Pull the release rope and push the door all the way up until you hear a click

Note: Some garage doors do not have a manual lock once disengaged from the garage door opener. Keep your home safe and remember to lock the door between the house and garage!

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New Garage Door Accessories

Posted by Overhead Door Company of Waterbury on Fri, Oct 05, 2012 @ 03:43 PM

The Genuine, the original, Overhead Door Corporation has introduced two new-garaged door opener accessories that work with the Odyssey and Destiny openers. The Overhead Door Advanced Wall Console and the Overhead Door Master Remote are designed to provide homeowners with extra security and efficiency. 

O RA AdvancedWallConsole

No more multiple wall consoles for multiple doors in the garaged because the Advanced Wall Console can handle up to three garage door openers via an Overhead Door Network Adapter (sold separately) that plugs into the Odyssey and Destiny openers. It features an easy-to-use LCD touch screen for easy operation. The Advanced Wall Console provides consumers with peace of mind thanks to Sure-Lock security control, a feature that allows homeowners to lock external activation of their garage door openers any time of day or night. Safe-T-Beam system is continuously monitored and it will display "CHECK BEAMS" if they are obstructed. For more information on the Advanced Wall Console please go to scroll down the page and click on the Advanced Wall Console Brochure. 

In addition to the Advanced Wall console, Overhead Door is also introducing the Overhead Door Master Remote, a three-button remote that is compatible with Overhead Door garage door opener products manufactured from 1993-present. The remote also works with all Overhead Door gated community receivers and Overhead Door 912 units. Designed for convenience, the Master Remote features LED indicators and large, easy-to-find buttons, which users have the ability to program for maximum functionality. The remote easily mounts to a car visor, can be programmed to open up to three garage doors and is also CodeDodger 1 and CodeDodger 2 compatible. 

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